Work > Coastal Gold (2014 & Ongoing)

Mixed Media, Photography, & Installation

Images investigate the intricate human relationship with our surrounding landscape, more specifically, the body of work titled Coastal Gold observes a collective desire to order, preserve, and protect, as well as place value on and claim ownership of our natural coastal environments.

The work investigates aesthetics issues that arise in our appreciation and understanding of natural environments. Examining nature and natural beauty through visual art and in home décor; the interconnectivity between art appreciation and nature appreciation; the role of aesthetic value in environmental conservation and land ownership; and the connections between the aesthetic appreciation of nature and our ethical obligations concerning its maintenance and preservation.

“Play up the beach theme with seashells. But not just in the traditional decorating sense. Use shells as a back splash in a kitchen or as wallpaper in a small room.” - Coastal Gardens On-line, Our 50 Prettiest Island Rooms